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February 2021


Vegetable Plot

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Photo Production



The ideal place

It is essential for our garden to grow healthy is choosing a place with lots of light and with close access to a water source.

Take advantage of your space

Build your garden according to the space you have. Vertical gardens are perfect for balconies or you can make tiered gardens for some corner of the garden.

Empezá con lo fácil!

To get off to a good start, nothing better than planting tomatoes, lettuce, radishes or chard, they are very easy to care for!

Recycled is better

Take advantage of your bottles, disused drawers and any container to create your garden. If you use wooden materials, line them with nylon!

Make your substrate

Go ahead and make your own compost bin by recycling your fruit and vegetable waste. Nothing better than natural nutrients to enrich the earth!

Calendar at hand

Having a planting calendar will help you know which vegetables grow in each season and anticipate!

Stencils Used

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